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Choosing The Best SAD LIGHTS to Overcome Seasonal Affective Disorder


If you have seasonal Affective Disorder and want to overcome your winter depression or winter blues then choosing a SAD Light would be an excelent option for you.

SAD Lights have proven to be an effective way to fight against SAD and the good thing is that is doesn't have any side effects compared to taking medicine.

What is the best SAD light for you?

What we have done here on this website is that we have choosen the top 3 SAD Lights within 3 price ranges.

Best SAD Lights under $50, and the top SAD lights between $50 and $150 and the Top Rated SAD Lights above $150.

Of course all these seasonal affective disorder lamps have their good and bad things you find in the different price options. A cheap SAD light for example would have less effect than a more expensive light in general but a cheap light also could be able to help you out of your winter blues. There are also desktop SAD lights available and they are reasonable priced and should have some effect on your winter mood.

Please note that we haven't tested these lights ourselves. What we have done here is ranked the top 3 based on rating and reviews from the best well known shopping site online which is amazon logo small

Well lets have a look at the top 3 Best SAD Lights in the 3 price categories...


The most popular smal portable SAD light that receives good reviews is the rio sad light! However this light has been sold out and is very hard to get. Another comparable light which is even good are the following two. You can see the user ratings for these devices. Those are the best top rated and Best Selling SAD lights on Amazon as of today. Have a look here below and click the links to view them on Amazon.


2 of the Best selling Sad lights on Amazon with high ratings!